Forget About Finding Your Audience – Create It!

I came across this video from Jason Fried, co-founder of 37Signals and co-author of the book I’m reading, Rework. In it, he discusses one of the factors that has made 37Signals so successful – transparency. When you are creating a product, starting a business, or developing a process, talk about it, document it, and most importantly, teach people about it.

Don’t go into stealth mode and be all secretive while planning a big reveal. Share it. That’s what companies like Google and Zappos do, and I think we can all agree they do what they do well. As a very small business, it would cost a lot to hire a PR firm or buy advertising, and the ROI would be dismal. But, if I talk about what I’m doing, the obstacles I’m facing, the successes I’m having, I will create my own audience, brand my own business, and maybe even learn a few important things along the way.

Here’s the video. It’s worth the time.

Jason Fried, 37Signals, Marketing by Sharing

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