Still a Freelancer at Heart

Almost a decade ago I threw in the towel on my freelance writing and design career to take on a full-time, work-for-someone-else gig as a high school English teacher. It was the exact right move at the time. Running my own business (marketing, accounting, interviewing, writing, administrative duties, and the like) took a lot of time and commitment, and at the time my young and very active family needed my attention more than the business. And as a bonus, I fell in love with teaching.

freelanceBut as kids are prone to do, my sons grew up and needed me less and public education became less and less appealing, and I began to daydream about my business and social lunches of days past, creating my own schedule and procedures, and even taking mid-morning dance breaks (yes, dance breaks) to keep the energy going. It didn’t help that in the interim my husband left his corporate position and began his own business at home. (A certain green-eyed monster started peeking around corners.)

I decided to go back to school for a master’s degree while I contemplated what my transition out of teaching and into freelancing again might look like in a vastly different world. Was I romanticizing my freelance experience, or was I really, truly happy doing it? In my honest opinion, I was. Now, did I make the money I would need now to make ends meet? I’m not so certain of that, but I know freelancing is calling to me loudly.

Several people I have spoken with in the last few months have not been big proponents of going it alone, mostly because they dislike dealing with people who want more than the original agreement offered, or clients make unreasonable demands because they don’t understand the nature of the business, or the just point-blank hate dealing with the accounting side of things (read: demanding to be paid). But I was okay with that — all of it. I have yet to hear a convincing argument to derail my ambitions.

Here is a little infographic from Mashable I thought did a nice little job at looking at both sides of the freelancing argument:


Pretty cool, huh?

Next post:  Some keys to succeeding in owning and growing your own business, as learned by the Powell Group (OK, my husband and I).


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