WowPress – There’s Still so Much to Learn

As I’ve started becoming more familiar with WordPress I am realizing a couple of things. Thing No.1:  I have done so many things wrong in the past. Thing No. 2: There is still an overwhelming number of things to learn. Seriously.

While I was tempted to try some Cowboy Coding (yes, I’ll admit it), I quickly figured out the flaw in this. Had I done it, version control would’ve been out the window before I even really started with it. Now that I am actually trying to deploy websites, I’m realizing that there is a lot more involved than just changing coding, uploading to the server through FTP. Luckily, I’m learning that I’m not the only one.

Kieran Masterton conducted a survey on improving the deployment of WordPress Websites and published his results in Smashing Magazine on April 15. His goal in conducting the survey was to identify the professional development topic needed within the WordPress community. Here is his breakdown of respondents:


Most are freelancers and small businesses, categories I will find myself in soon. Of all the respondents, 46% manages fewer than 10 websites, 8% manage 30-40, and one person manages 700 (I’m not even sure how that is possible). With these numbers, Masterton brought up the necessity of version control. I had never particularly considered this, as I’ve only been looking at it from a one-woman, get-me-through-grad-school perspective. But this is important, and it was missing from our recent curriculum. Here are the results of Masterton’s survey on version control:



That is concerning, and obviously Masterton concluded that version control needs to be a topic for development.

His article linked to this WordCamp talk by Mark Jaquith, and it also made a lot of sense to me, although I am just beginning to get the nuts and bolts of this stuff.

So, as is usually the case, this has spawned yet another entire list of topics to research, which is good for the blog, but homework for me. Next on the agenda is learning about Git. Git is a version control that tracks changes, updates, and so forth. I know one of my instructors is a big proponent of Git, so off I go to read up. I’ll post what I “git” out of it next. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

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