The Magical World of jQuery

In one of my grad school classes, we have tackled JavaScript and are playing around in the world of jQuery, which is turning out to be a lot of fun. There are some very simple, yet versatile and functional plugins ready-made and waiting to be used. Just of few of the best plugins of last year include text transformations, including arcing and ballooning, and creation of bold responsive headlines and interactive graphics and slideshows. Two plugins in particular caught my attention, most likely because I have use for one of them in a separate project right now and the other is just so cool for a reader like myself.

While I will leave it up to you to read up on the features of each of these plugins, I will share with you the though process I’m using to select these.

Get Turn.js


First of all, this is just plain cool. You can make your content look and act like a real book, magazine, or catalog. As you read through, you can turn the pages and follow your progress through the document. This plugin is responsive, which I really like and uses HTML5 and CSS3. Now, I am just looking for an opportunity to use this plugin, and may have a project in mind.

One of my clients owns a synthetic grass dealership in the Tampa area called ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay. ForeverLawn features a wide variety of products for a myriad of uses. This would be an awesome way to showcase their products, descriptions, and projects.



While I could relatively easily achieve this effect in Photoshop, this plugin saves a lot of time and adds a big bang of style to otherwise placid images. PicStrips allows me to choose the number of strips, the amount of white space between strips and at the bottom and tops of each strip. The project that immediately came to mind was for a website I’m creating for a professional wakeboarder. (The skateboard images may have been a trigger for this idea, too.)

This style of image presentation offers an edgy alternative to a single splash (no pun intended) image I had in mind.

While I have just skimmed the surface of these jQuery plugins, I can already see the possibilities opening up as I strive for competence in communing in the online world.

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